2021 Donors



Amount Donated

 First Midwest Bancorp 2020 Employee Matching Gift for Michael Renschen 250.00 
 Anne Hazen, Realtor This donation is a thank you to Barbara Swanson for her referral to my Refer A Friend Program for Real Estate 50.00 
 Betty and Marcia In memory of our brothers Bob and Dave Armstead   200.00 
 Jim and Nancy LeMieux In memory of our son Dan LeMieux who passed away in 2016    50.00 
 Patricia K. Hogan   100.00 
 Adele Dixon   50.00 
 The Ribando Family In loving memory of Jack, Karen and Diane Burkett  300.00
 Gurnee Donuts Breakfast Club    80.00
 Anonymous   500.00 
 Walter Sitz In memory of Marge   200.00
 Richard Hershman In memory of Penny Miller   100.00
 Carol Carbiener   50.00 
 Kim Marie Lenzen    50.00
 Robert Haymaker In memory of Amy Hoogasian   50.00
 Kay Griesbach In memory of my parents Rita and Joseph Griesbach 200.00 
 Rich Ribando In memory of my friend Amy Hoogasian  100.00 
 Gerald & Helen Cassidy In memory of The Cassidy's, The Erdmann', Stosh,
The Trevithick's and Joe Roth 
 Robert Haymaker In memory of WTHS classmates Jim Stickles 
and Bernie Hermansen  
 Julie Crye   50.00 
 Patrick and Linda Small In memory of Barney and Irene Wilson   200.00
 Jeannette Haines In memory of my husband, Dr. Troy Haines   100.00
 Suzanne Gage    50.00
 Carol Awe    100.00
 Norman and Joy Wideburg    365.00
 Judith A. Lingle    100.00
 Anonymous    200.00
 Larry Desmond In memory of Walter Desmond Sr. and Walter Desmond Jr., and Eileen Desmond    500.00
 Rich Ribando In memory of Jeff Marsh   100.00
 Joyce Schneider   100.00 
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