The Time Is Now 

Help Them To Hope has embarked on its 62nd annual holiday season campaign.

Help Them To Hope was and still is a campaign to solicit funds to help those neighbors right here in Lake County that need assistance. That assistance ranges the gamut of emergency needs.

Funds donated go to Lake County social service agencies that can be called upon to help with a variety of emergency needs.

Like most things that have been around for a long time, there are times when the flame can grow dim. When we all were faced with the recent pandemic, which is still with us, many Americans for the first time were faced with a vast array of situations.

Schools closed down leaving parents with kids at home all day with in-home learning. Moms and/or Dads were faced with leaving a job to be home.

The lucky ones were allowed to work from home. We witnessed our economy come to a virtual standstill.

Those were the least of our problems. The number of friends, neighbors, and relatives that died was almost more than some could bear.

We would be hard pressed to talk to a person today that either had a personal loss of life in their family or knowledge of someone who either died or was inflicted with the virus.

We were not even allowed to mourn the loss of life in our traditional ways. It has been rough going now for almost two years.

We can honor those that are no longer with us through Help Them To Hope with a memorial contribution in their name and at the same time help the less fortunate in Lake County.

Won’t you please consider Help Them To Hope this year as your charity of choice and give the gift of “hope” to the folks that really need your help this holiday season?

This holiday when we see an empty chair at the table, set a plate of Hope in their name.  

Richard A. Ribando

Retired News-Sun Publisher


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