Fifty-nine years of angels among us

The Help Them To Hope annual campaign has embarked on its 59th year in 2018.

To the credit of the residents of Lake County and many beyond our borders, there will be comfort for many throughout the year.  As in the past 59 years, the good neighbors ( I think of them as Lake County’s Angels) step up during the hectic holiday season to think about those folks less fortunate among us. 

Those of us that administer the Hope Fund often call to mind how over the years so many have never forgotten their neighbors in need.  Most of us can’t tell who are experiencing misfortune and distress by their faces. But it is there.

The same goes for the “angels” in our midst.  Over 59 years through your generous contributions, Help Them To Hope has had a great impact on the social service agencies in which the fund supports.

Ask any one of the Hope Fund recipients and they will tell you what the Hope Fund has provided to their agencies.  Kids are fed each day, vocational services are provided, school age children are given a means to participate in school activities. Ask Mother’s Trust about what they do with Hope Fund money.

We encourage everyone to look into the local agencies supported by the Hope Fund.  The Hope Fund looks to those “unsung heroes”, those angels in our midst who remember those that are having difficulties this holiday season.

This year we have added an additional means of contributing to the fund via our Website, or .

Well over $2.5 million has been contributed and dispensed through the Hope Fund to every corner of Lake County where there is a need. We ask, as we often do, that you consider in your holiday giving Help Them To Hope so that each and every person in Lake County will always know that we citizens will look out for one another not only during the holiday season, but every single day of the year.

That is what your dollars do right here in your own back yard.  You are sending a message of joy and peace at a time when we all need to reflect on what it is to be an American.

May the peace of the season and the blessings that flow from our hearts be manifested in our lives and the lives of all those around us.  For that is the meaning of “Peace on Earth, Good will Towards all!”


Richard A. Ribando

Former Publisher of The News Sun and President of Help Them To Hope, Inc


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