By the numbers

It is said that numbers have significant meaning in our lives.  So I decided to dabble in the meaning of the numbers that surround The Help Them to Hope annual campaign. 

Yep, I must admit that my source of reference comes from the Internet. We all know if you see it or read it there, it must be true!

So let’s see what the “Angel Numbers” say about Help Them to Hope.

Starting with 1959, the year the Help Them To Hope campaign went public. The number one states new beginnings and a move forward. The number nine, states living life as a positive example, serving your mission. 

The number five is the ability to manage life’s changes by making important choices and decisions.  So far, I agree with the numbers as we reflect on the very beginning of Help Them To Hope.

It has been the dedicated employee’s and board of directors’ steadfast commitment to make a positive beginning and follow the mission to make the important decisions to help our Lake County neighbors most in need. We start anew each of the 63 campaigns.  By the way, we have done that 63 times since 1959.  

The universe encourages us to do things to help others.  The year 1959 indicates loyalty is not easily found nowadays. So we say thank you to each and every contributor these 63 years who have never forgotten the Lake County folks in need of the basics of life as they experience personal hardship.

Pressing on, I thought why not see what the “Angel Numbers” as they are referred to, say about the number 63.   This number symbolizes humanitarianism, harmony, balance, tolerance, idealism and family.

It goes on to state that if 63 is a personal number to you that you are likely a compassionate, tolerant person with a desire to help others and serve humanity.  The last thing, and perhaps the most important, is that is that 63 tells us to appreciate the blessings we already have and this number that grants abundance and “Hope”. 

Let’s just say that the Internet has the ability to make us feel better about the things we would like to see in ourselves. Either way, I am good with the information the Internet gave me regarding the numbers that are relevant for this years’ Help Them To Hope Campaign. 

Let’s be grateful for the blessing we have and our ability to share our good fortune with others.  Please remember Help Them To Hope this year in your holiday giving. The need is always with us to embrace the needs of our Lake County neighbors. 

You can use the contribution form within the pages of the Lake County News-Sun during the campaign to contribute or go to our Website and hit the donate button.  May this holiday season bring all of us good health and the blessings of the season.

Richard A. Ribando
Help Them To Hope
Retired publisher of The News-Sun


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