Help Them To Hope Faithful Contributors,

On behalf of the Board of Directors of Help Them To Hope Inc., please accept our heartfelt gratitude for your 60 years of supporting the “Help Them To Hope”  fund.  As we prepare for the 2019 campaign and reflect on the past 60 years, we have reviewed our archives of contributors.  The numerous businesses, organizations, schools classes and individuals who have re-enacted their acts of kindness over the years.  The thought of the meager beginnings of the Hope fund in 1959 have culminated in 2018, to well over 2.5 million dollars that have been invested in the welfare of the Lake County Community.  In keeping up with the times, Help Them To Hope has created and maintained its own website and most recently have made it possible for anyone to contribute via the internet. Going to the ( website and hitting the donation button is as easy as ever to make an online contribution.  

Traditionally, the Hope Fund Campaign begins the day after Thanksgiving and concludes the second week of January each year.  This year we to celebrate our 60th year of collecting voluntary contributions that are used to Feed, Shelter, Clothes,  and support youth in need of assistance in Lake County.

These annual contributions stay in Lake County and assist our neighbors in need in ways that strengthen our Community.  The funds have provided youth counseling, diapers for infants, after school programs that keep are children safe and off the streets.  It has provided a safe place for those experiencing domestic violence.  The fund helps the elderly afford their medication.  It supports the county food pantries and the list goes on.

The neighbors in our mist that suffer from misfortune often times outwardly show little or no signs at all of the tremendous stress they are under. 

We continually remind our contributors that although we hear every day how strong the economy is,  there are families with two people working a minimum wage job that are unable to make ends meet. 

Many in the generation of contributors that have given since our beginnings in 1959, are no longer with us and we see so many of our current contributions making  in “Memory Of” donations to those faithful compassionate supporters of yesterday.  We need the current generation to continue the much needed efforts to support the Lake County Community moving forward.

For those of us that are lucky enough to count our blessings and administer the Hope Fund, we once again thank you for your loyal support of those folks in Lake County in need.  Please do remember your  Help Them To Hope fund during your holiday giving this year.  Heaven knows there are neighbors all around us that suffer in silence and the citizens of Lake County are their last hope to see the light of day during this holiday season.  


Richard A. Ribando

Former Publisher of The News Sun and President of Help Them To Hope, Inc


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